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“I've enjoyed using my Art Cocoons over the years. I often like to work in a small format on-location, and sometimes in a variety of sizes, so the fact that each Art Cocoon can be configured in different sizes is a big plus. Also, the units are durable and can be used over and over, making them an inexpensive option for carrying wet paintings. Best yet, once I'm back in my studio, I can pop the Art Cocoon right up on my easel and quickly get to doing any finish work. And I can use them in my studio work, too—they are perfect for holding small paintings that, by themselves, are difficult to place directly on the easel.”​
Michael Chesley Johnson
Artist - Teacher - Author
The Art Cocoon has become essential to my art life. I use it for all mediums and multiple purposes. It is perfect for plein air painting, protects art during transport, and is great to keep art for at my demonstrations, as well as transporting art home or to my framer. The light weight Art Cocoon is stackable and can be used for years. It is especially useful to store my unfinished pastels in. Ten years ago I was asked to test this wonderful product and recommend it to all my artists for all mediums.
Susan Nicholas Gephart
Artist - Teacher - Motivator