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Painting at Home

By Art Cocoon Featured Artist Paul Harman

Sheltering at home, the one place where we should all feel secure is a good and sensible thing to do at this time. What we do with that time is what will count and be remembered by our children, our friends and associates.

I know that I am fortunate to have a lovely home with a terrific studio I added on six years ago. It became my favorite room in the house and I spend a lot of time there. My studio is my creating space for deciding the subject of many pastel paintings I have painted at my studio easel. It is a wonderful reading space as well, with all of its windows, and it’s a bright and cheery favorite spot to spend in my comfortable Morris Chair reading my art magazines, books or even our local newspaper.

Outside my studio are bird feeders where I can watch birds flock to them to feed. With the door open their chattering voices are a comfort and they themselves have become subjects of paintings of our local songbirds. The species change somewhat through the seasons and add to the variety and colorful plumage flashing through the trees.

My large garden is a place to walk, work, weed and relax depending upon the day and weather. My little pond with its waterfall, numerous Koi, Goldfish and frogs is a place of beauty and peacefulness. The tinkling water attracts birds and wildlife to drink. I have even painted it with an easel set up by the pond.