Photography Services

360° and Static Photography

With in-person events and shows being cancelled, the need for a strong web presence has never been greater. Your clients and customers need to quickly have access to your newest creations. This is where KVR Classics’ new photography services can assist you. We now offer both static and 360° images for either 2 or 3-dimensional creations.

KVR’s state of the are photography studio can provide you with color managed, high resolution images that are suitable for everything from building your web store, preparing portfolio presentations to contest submissions.

Artists creating 3-dimensional work will especially benefit from our 360° images. Offered in either HTML or MOV/mp4 formats, a 360° capture displays all sides your creation in amazing detail!

We can handle 2-dimensional art up to 20”x 30”. 3-dimensional pieces should not exceed 20” at the base by 20” tall and weigh less than 30lbs.


2-D, Paintings, Drawings


3-D, Glass, Sculpture, Carvings

Crafting, Stained Glass Vase


360° (*.mov or *.mp4 formats)