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Preparing for Holiday Sales!

by Art Cocoon Featured Artist Susan Nicholas Gephart

Plan ahead! Set some dates on your calendar for getting out in the community this holiday season with your art. Schedule shows or a holiday open house in your studio and then start advertising! Use the same graphics for open house invitation mailings, online advertising and on your website. Develop a brochure and be sure to have it available everywhere you or your art is.

Frame art ahead of time for your shows and open houses. Stay active within your local arts organizations and utilize your contacts at these organizations to help advertise your holiday events.

Stay ahead of updates on your website and make sure all your holiday events are front and center. Boost your Facebook posts for more local coverage.

Remember to balance time invested in marketing and show preparations with an adequate amount of time painting out in nature or in your studio. One last point – hire someone who’s better than you at social media and scheduling to help you! I’ve had the same assistant, Anna, for 10 years now and she’s a huge help to me.