Turbocharge Your Talent

by Vasile Beluska

Talent is within everyone's reach!

In Turbocharge Your Talent Vasile Beluska makes his case for his belief that talent is available to anyone. There are no “secrets” per se; many factors have to converge to become talented in any field.

I believe that talent is within everyone’s reach. All we have to do is think, persist and know where to look. That, in essence, is the philosophy I used as a university professor and is the basis for my teaching techniques and for this book. As most people, not just musicians, would like to be able to develop their talents, the first half of my book is designed for use by anyone interested in any field. The second half focuses on string instrument playing, violin in particular. Teachers, students, parents and anyone interested in understanding how talent can be enhanced will find this book helpful. My technique is unique, yet readily understandable to children and adults alike. My approach engages students, unleashes creativity, and maximizes learning.

My teaching method appeals first to the human element: it recognizes that students are not machines. For generations, the standard pedagogy of music teachers has been methods that boiled down to repetition – working and overworking the left brain and ignoring the right brain. While there is no denying that the repetitious style of pedagogy has had some success but many enthusiastic students were regarded as untalented simply because the repetitiveness of the lessons and practicing dulled their innate senses of creativity and excitement.

Professor Emeritus Vasile Beluska


“When my sons began playing the violin, I had no idea that they were exceptionally talented. Both Zach and his brother, Jason, were quite young when they started studying with Vasile. After they became adults, both of them were accepted by the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. From there, they entered the Philadelphia Orchestra’s first violin section. Later, Zach became the concertmaster of the Indianapolis Symphony and a founding member of the famous trio, Time for Three… Everything Vasile taught my sons is available in this easy to follow and humorous book.”

Dr. Wallace DePue, Sr.


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