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Real People I’ve Never Met

Art Cocoon’s Featured Artist Janet Pedersen

The 440 Gallery in Brooklyn, NY is presenting an exhibition of figurative oil paintings from Art Cocoon’s Featured Artist, Janet Pedersen. The solo show, “Real People I’ve Never Met” runs through November 11, 2018.

Stop in and see Janet’s dynamic work, all produced during the past year!

On what inspires her:

"I have always been interested in figures in movement within the city in motion. As a landscape and figurative painter, there's no better backdrop." "I've been developing a body of figurative work this past year titled "Real People I've Never Met" which will be on display at 440 Gallery in Brooklyn NY. (The opening is Oct 11th if you're in the neighborhood!) I'm very excited about this solo show which is based on iPhoto images I've captured on the streets of NYC and Central Park. 'Cherry Blossom', below, is one of the paintings. My love of plein air painting informed this studio painting—I loved trying to capture the light, the suggestion of the orchard of cherry trees, as well as the simple gesture of the woman on the grass adjusting her hair"

Janet Pedersen