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Secrets to the Success of a Modern Day Artist!

As a full-time professional artist, Susan E. Hanna believes in generating income from multiple sources. When an artist commits to leased space and monthly bills, it becomes essential to earn steady monthly income.

Susan uses private and group lessons as a financial base. She promotes her art and adds income with studio exhibits and events, off-site shows and exhibits, social media, paid advertising, community networking, painting demonstrations, workshops for artists, and outside gallery sales.

Further, Susan believes that a beautiful, up-to-date website is an artist’s foundation for communication and sales. Finding unique and simple new income streams is having an impact on her success! She has added a link on her website to an outside company which produces and delivers prints and other promotional items created with her art images.

Since she can’t predict when original art will sell, all these multiple income streams allow Susan to stay in business and earn a living.